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The Orthodontic Evaluation

Once you are determined a candidate for orthodontic treatment, name ( Dentist) may use several methods to evaluate your bite in order to create and develop the best suited treatment plan for you such as the following listed below:

  • Oral and facial examination
  • Your teeth and corresponding facial structure will be photographed for records
  • A series of X-rays will be taken to evaluate the bone structure
  • Finally impressions will be taken of your teeth and bite


In performing a clinical evaluation, name ( Dentist) will review your dental records, take X-rays of your head  and mouth, make models your teeth by taking accurate impressions in order to devise the most effective orthodontic treatment strategy.

After the treatment plan is established name ( Dentist) will then be able to estimate the treatment time necessary for the bracket phase of your treatment. This standard amount of time for this phase is about two years depending on the severity of your case. After your treatment is completed name ( Dentist) will want to follow up with a retainer for a designated period of time in order to ensure that your teeth remain in their position to prevent shifting.