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Orthodontic Esthetics and Restoration

Orthodontics is often applied for the purposes of restorative use in treating malocclusions which may interfere with eating and speaking. Yet because an improper bite may also interfere with the development of a beautiful and well aligned smile, even affecting facial jaw lines, it may also be considered for esthetic purposes in cosmetic dentistry.

Since deep bites (malocclusion) sometimes interfere with speaking and eating, such treatment is usually deemed as restorative. In other cases, malocclusion simply hinders the development of an esthetically pleasing smile creating harsh facial jaw lines in which treatment may be classified as cosmetic. Orthodontics can be used to rejuvenate your facial appearance by reshaping the jaw, neck and lips sometimes with the help of maxillofacial surgical procedures to achieve the best desired results. Well aligned teeth not only are rewarding in their restorative and esthetic benefits, oral hygiene is also more easily maintained in properly aligned teeth.

Orthodontics today involves repositioning the teeth and their underlying roots allowing a better foundation for the crown of the tooth. Today treatment and technology have combined to produce greater esthetic results where patients experience less discomfort and less time in treatment to maximize your teeth’s functionality and performance, such as invisalign (invisible removable braces), ensuring you have a great smile at any age.