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Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge Restoration

Dental Implant fixed dental bridge by nameWhen one or more teeth are missing from your smile, your appearance and daily functions may be significantly impacted. Missing teeth can resulting in the shifting of teeth, speech impediments, change in bite, TMJ, decay, and gum disease.





A dental bridge can provide a solution by serving as a fixed partial denture in which the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth or teeth are shaped and fitted with crowns, then bonded to artificial teeth referred to as pontics. The amount and type of reduction done on the required teeth will vary depending on the materials involved in the bridge construction. Resin bonded bridges are often used in replacing front teeth and require less preparation given that the surrounding teeth and gums are healthy and there are no excessive fillings. Materials used to construct the dental bridge can be either porcelain, porcelain fused with metal or gold.